New to the Blogging World

hello world


Not quite sure what inspired me to start blogging- but I’m going to give it a go! There are a lot of exciting things happening in my life right now and I feel the need to start documenting them.

A little about me- I recently (as of about a week ago) joined the big girls club aka the twenty-fun club. I am studying at Arizona State University, I am hopelessly addicted to coffee, and my horoscope tells me that I’m a free spirit. I am surrounded by the best people I could have ever dreamed to call my friends and family. I am a lover of puppies, baby lambs, pretty much anything that is white and fluffy, and costa vida sweet pork salads.

When I’m not at home you can find me roaming through the aisles of Target or prancing around mill avenue (did i mention i’m 21 now).I love sentimental quotes and long heart to hearts. I live in an adorable two bedroom apartment with one of my best friends, Kat. We even have our initials hanging on the wall like Lauren and Audrina from the hills.

If this is anything like my ‘I want to be a guitarist’ phase, this will be the last time you hear from me. However, I’m going to try and stick with this hobby so follow along and we’ll see how this goes!

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