I’ve been meaning to write a “typical best-friends post” for a minute now and our cute dinner date tonight reminded me of this. Sorry in advance for the sappiness.


Kat and I met one of the first days of my college career and she instantly took me under her wing. She seemed so much older and cooler than I was and I was honored to be her side-kick. She would pick me up at my dorm and take me to lunch. She would take me to parties and to breakfast the next morning. Naturally we became “big and little” and for about a year we didn’t let anyone forget that. We were attached at the hip.

The next year we became roommates, there were plenty more laughs shared . This was a busy year for both of us. Some things didn’t go as planned and  we ended up needing to find a new apartment about a month before my junior/Kat’s senior year. This certainly wasn’t what either of us were anticipating but little did we know that things fell apart just so they could fall back perfectly together.


This little two bedroom apartment was the best thing that has happened to us. We spent way too much time decorating but it could not be more adorable. We have had the best and the worst nights here. Kat and I both turned 21 in this apartment. We have had some girls nights that will go down in girls nights history. We moved our beds into the living room when we decided 100 ft was just too far apart and we thought right next to each other would be much more fun. We’ve cooked some great dinners and had some great heart to hearts. We’ve shed some tears and had endless laughter.

When I try to describe Kat to my friends from high-school or to the blogging world the best way to put it is- Kat is the type of person you want around after a really bad date or when you accidentally fart in public. She is the nothing-is-off-limits type of person and with the awkwardness that surrounds our life, this comes in handy quite often. Although she will never use the word “feminist” to describe herself she is one of the biggest supporters of women I’ve ever met. She lets me talk about Target as much as I want even though it drives her crazy because she is equally as passionate about her future career. Every time I cry she cries with me which is extremely convenient. We are constantly trying to figure out if we are exactly the same or nothing alike. Although we bicker non-stop this girl is truly my soul sister. I  may not find my hubby in college but I’ve definitely locked in some great bridesmaids.