Junior Year, That’s A Wrap

a look back

Arguably one of the best years of my college career came to a close a few days ago. Apparently this means I am now a Senior in college although, I think I’ll wait a few months before I start to call myself the “S” word.¬†I remember someone once telling me to “embrace the imbalance”. That phrase perfectly sums up this past year.

A look back at this wonderful year-

IMG_4740 IMG_4835

Bid Day with these bests


Little number 7

IMG_5330 IMG_5925

New Years and 21 with my childhood bests


The newest (and cutest) addition to the family


Can’t forget this glorious moment


A few more best friends

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting on the floor of my childhood bedroom with my mom packing up my clothes to move away to college. I remember the feeling when I first walked in my dorm room and all of a sudden realized this was the beginning¬†of my “adult” life. Now here I am trying to mentally prepare myself for my senior year of college. I don’t know where time has gone, it is terrifying and exiting and there is so much to look forward to.