It’s been a while


Well, as I foreshadowed in the beginning, this blogging gig might have been just a phase. Although this might have lasted slightly longer than the guitarist phase, it was not by much. It has been about 9 months since I last sat down and wrote on here. Partially because I didn’t want to post my thoughts for the world to read (lets be real- have you seen my blogging stats? the world is not reading my thoughts), partially because I didn’t want to keep writing updates on my life, and partially because I didn’t know what to write about. However, I have recently gotten over all of those internal disputes and decided I wanted to start writing for myself. I always love reading the blogs I wrote months back and the writing process is pretty therapeutic.

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A lot has happened in the past 9 months. I completed my summer internship, visited my family on the east coast, made a pit stop in New York to spend time with my best friend, drove to California with my roommate and had the best acai bowl of my life, experienced my first college football season as a legal adult, took a Senior class trip to Las Vegas, visited my best friend a few times in Tucson, spent Christmas with my family, celebrated my Grandfathers 93rd birthday in New Jersey (in the middle of January), and road tripped to Sedona with 9 of my close friends. Needless to say it has been an adventure.


2015 was a crazy year. So many great things happened and I had so much fun. Of course, I am not going to post about all of my hardships for the world to see however, there were some of those as well. Luckily I have some of the best people around me reminding me there is so much to be thankful for! As I am now in my last semester of college, I find myself looking around and paying closer attention to the little things that have been a blur these past 21 years of my life. If you stumbled across this post you probably know sappy is a fair description of my character. So when you throw a huge life change in the picture it is a given there is going to be a lot of sap going on. Even hiking A mountain gets me teary-eyed.

Every time people ask me about about my ‘plan’ (which let me tell you happens a lot when you are about to graduate college) I joke about going through a quarter-life crisis. I laugh it off and then panic a little inside about this whole plan thing I am supposed to have. I have a job and great roommates lined up however, I feel like I am far from having anything figured out. 21 seems a little young for life to just throw you out in the real world, just saying. Anyways- life is good, apparently I am an adult, I would recommend taking a day trip to Sedona, and my best friend Leslie recently gave me some really good advice and told me every situation in life can be a little better if you have the right perspective. Peace and blessings.


Adventures in San Francisco


This past weekend Kat, Taylor, and I adventured to Tay’s home town in Northern California and San Francisco. She lives in Santa Rosa, CA which is a little less than an hour outside of San Fran. Kat and I were amazed by all of the greenery. As we were driving home from the airport the highway was surrounded by huge bright green trees and vineyards. We were easily sold on the city.

The first day we woke up, went to the local donut shop, and drove around her beautiful home town. (Sorry in advance for the pic, Tay)


That afternoon Kat and I drove to Healdsburg which is in Sonoma County. It is the most adorable town I have ever been to. It is centered around a little park with a gazebo and filled with small local business’ and lots of wine tasting rooms. Kat and I had a few fancy cocktails and pretended like we were locals.

IMG_8047 IMG_7903

The next day we all woke up later than planned and headed to San Francisco. We started our day off with a tour of Alcatraz. This was fascinating, we learned about several prisoners and their attempts to escape the island. After this we took a bike ride to Pier 39 (by bike ride I mean we rode on the back as someone pedaled us over). We ate seafood, walked through a mirror maze, ate way too many Mrs. Fields cookies, and stopped by Fisherman’s Wharf. Next we headed to Union Square and said goodbye to baby Hop for the summer.

IMG_7935 IMG_8049

The rest of the day Kat and I had a few more San Fran exclusive cocktails, went shopping, rode a cable car, took touristy pictures as we pretended to be locals, and ate our body weight in carbs.

IMG_8050 IMG_8035

The next day we ate a hardy breakfast and mimosas in Union Square. Two flights later and I am just as if not a worse flyer than before the trip. Shout out to T Hop and Kat for letting me curl up in your arms like a baby during the “1 hour and 20 minute non stop flight.” It was a wonderful time exploring a new city but I am very thankful to be back in 90 degree weather.

Junior Year, That’s A Wrap

a look back

Arguably one of the best years of my college career came to a close a few days ago. Apparently this means I am now a Senior in college although, I think I’ll wait a few months before I start to call myself the “S” word. I remember someone once telling me to “embrace the imbalance”. That phrase perfectly sums up this past year.

A look back at this wonderful year-

IMG_4740 IMG_4835

Bid Day with these bests


Little number 7

IMG_5330 IMG_5925

New Years and 21 with my childhood bests


The newest (and cutest) addition to the family


Can’t forget this glorious moment


A few more best friends

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting on the floor of my childhood bedroom with my mom packing up my clothes to move away to college. I remember the feeling when I first walked in my dorm room and all of a sudden realized this was the beginning of my “adult” life. Now here I am trying to mentally prepare myself for my senior year of college. I don’t know where time has gone, it is terrifying and exiting and there is so much to look forward to.




I’ve been meaning to write a “typical best-friends post” for a minute now and our cute dinner date tonight reminded me of this. Sorry in advance for the sappiness.


Kat and I met one of the first days of my college career and she instantly took me under her wing. She seemed so much older and cooler than I was and I was honored to be her side-kick. She would pick me up at my dorm and take me to lunch. She would take me to parties and to breakfast the next morning. Naturally we became “big and little” and for about a year we didn’t let anyone forget that. We were attached at the hip.

The next year we became roommates, there were plenty more laughs shared . This was a busy year for both of us. Some things didn’t go as planned and  we ended up needing to find a new apartment about a month before my junior/Kat’s senior year. This certainly wasn’t what either of us were anticipating but little did we know that things fell apart just so they could fall back perfectly together.


This little two bedroom apartment was the best thing that has happened to us. We spent way too much time decorating but it could not be more adorable. We have had the best and the worst nights here. Kat and I both turned 21 in this apartment. We have had some girls nights that will go down in girls nights history. We moved our beds into the living room when we decided 100 ft was just too far apart and we thought right next to each other would be much more fun. We’ve cooked some great dinners and had some great heart to hearts. We’ve shed some tears and had endless laughter.

When I try to describe Kat to my friends from high-school or to the blogging world the best way to put it is- Kat is the type of person you want around after a really bad date or when you accidentally fart in public. She is the nothing-is-off-limits type of person and with the awkwardness that surrounds our life, this comes in handy quite often. Although she will never use the word “feminist” to describe herself she is one of the biggest supporters of women I’ve ever met. She lets me talk about Target as much as I want even though it drives her crazy because she is equally as passionate about her future career. Every time I cry she cries with me which is extremely convenient. We are constantly trying to figure out if we are exactly the same or nothing alike. Although we bicker non-stop this girl is truly my soul sister. I  may not find my hubby in college but I’ve definitely locked in some great bridesmaids.

Vegas Recap


Just got back from Vegas and my bed has never felt better. It was such a great weekend filled with a lot of laughter and a lot of fried food.

Some highlights from this trip: accidentally running into the sugar factory after searching for it for about 45 minutes


Finding an Alex & Ani store and getting best friend bracelets with Kat


Saturday brunch at Lavo


Running around the strip after brunch and doing a few things that we are all hoping are going to “stay in Vegas”. (don’t worry mom, no new tattoos were involved)


Until next time Vegas, you were too good to us.

No, We Want to be on Stage


Kat’s brother was here from Tucson this weekend and when we told him we should show him around Mill Avenue, we took that very seriously. We started the night at dinner with the whole Lorenzen family. Kat batted her eyes and her mom (Terri) slipped us some cash and told us to have fun, that never ends well for us. We started off at The Yard where we drank pretty drinks and pretended we were hip enough to fit in there.


Next stop…. karaoke bar. We walked straight up to the DJ and asked/demanded to be next. He told us there was a 30 minute wait, not gonna work. We asked a few more times until he told us he would put us next in line. Song of choice? Taylor Swift. We murdered it. We walked up and down the bar handing the mic off to anyone and everyone that wanted to join in on the fun. We stood on any elevated surface in sight and attempted all the high notes. It was amazing. If you ever randomly come across a sketchy karaoke bar, I highly recommend you go in.


The next day my mom came over and we went to the Tempe Art’s Festival. All of Mill was closed and filled with stands selling everything from homemade lemonade to artwork to doggles (you guessed it, goggles for dogs, a necessity). We ran into this adorable pup, my mom was easily sold when she found out not only were they UV protectant but they also were pink and sparkly.


If you ever think Marlee would be caught dead in these, think again. Mom and I made a pit stop at n’counter where we enjoyed a nice lunch outside. That night my parents invited us to meet them at a “Rolling Stones ” show at casino Arizona. We showed up but they failed to mention you needed tickets for this show. Our only option was to try out the whole gambling thing. We got some cash and went to the black jack table. We lost $15 in one minute, that’s gotta be record breaking. We then tried out the slot machines where we continued to loose. Needless to say, not our finest moment. We danced to a few songs with my parents and ended the night early. Moral of the story, karaoke is always a good idea. I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to get away with standing on chairs and belting out Taylor Swift in public but for now, I’m owning it and having so much fun.

Friendship and Way Too Much Jack in the Box


This weekend was a weekend for seeing old friends, eating sushi, drinking vodka sodas, and laying by the pool. My very adorable, long time, french best friend was in town from U of A for her spring break. Her name is Alix and she is one of the best people I know. We met in eighth grade and I instantly fell in love with her and her french heritage (aka her moms breakfast crepes after our weekend sleepovers). We cried when we graduated middle school and were headed to separate high schools. Thankfully this didn’t change much for our relationship. We spent Friday-Sunday’s together and would get in fights with our moms when they told us we couldn’t have sleepovers on the week nights. We shared our first drunken night together, naturally this happened in our good friends basement while her parents were asleep. We snuck our parents keys when they were gone and would take their cars for joy rides around the block when we only had our permits. We got our licenses together, went car shopping together, and legally drove to scottsdale mall as often as possible. Now I find myself at dinner with her legally drinking a margarita talking about friendship, love, old times, and everything in between. I feel so lucky to have a person like Alix in my life and I know this friendship will continue to grow long after our college days are done. IMG_6974 IMG_7031 IMG_7032 Lets just say Friday night there was a few too many vodka sodas involved and if the “four tacos, curly fries, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, and oreo milkshake” order from jack in the box I came home with is any indication of my current relationship status…… you could say I’m still roaringly single. All those drinks stayed with me until about 1am the next day until my friend Macilin’s boyfriend surprised us with a hungry howies pizza. That’s true love. IMG_7014 Today I randomly ended up at the pool with seven of my close friends and about five bottles of champagne. These girls are so smart and some of the funniest people you might ever meet. They are the truest homies and I am very lucky to call them my friends. IMG_7021 I’m not sharing this to brag about my life right now but to recognize how lucky I am to have people who love me and accept me even when I spend $30 at jack in the box and eat it all myself.