No, We Want to be on Stage


Kat’s brother was here from Tucson this weekend and when we told him we should show him around Mill Avenue, we took that very seriously. We started the night at dinner with the whole Lorenzen family. Kat batted her eyes and her mom (Terri) slipped us some cash and told us to have fun, that never ends well for us. We started off at The Yard where we drank pretty drinks and pretended we were hip enough to fit in there.


Next stop…. karaoke bar. We walked straight up to the DJ and asked/demanded to be next. He told us there was a 30 minute wait, not gonna work. We asked a few more times until he told us he would put us next in line. Song of choice? Taylor Swift. We murdered it. We walked up and down the bar handing the mic off to anyone and everyone that wanted to join in on the fun. We stood on any elevated surface in sight and attempted all the high notes. It was amazing. If you ever randomly come across a sketchy karaoke bar, I highly recommend you go in.


The next day my mom came over and we went to the Tempe Art’s Festival. All of Mill was closed and filled with stands selling everything from homemade lemonade to artwork to doggles (you guessed it, goggles for dogs, a necessity). We ran into this adorable pup, my mom was easily sold when she found out not only were they UV protectant but they also were pink and sparkly.


If you ever think Marlee would be caught dead in these, think again. Mom and I made a pit stop at n’counter where we enjoyed a nice lunch outside. That night my parents invited us to meet them at a “Rolling Stones ” show at casino Arizona. We showed up but they failed to mention you needed tickets for this show. Our only option was to try out the whole gambling thing. We got some cash and went to the black jack table. We lost $15 in one minute, that’s gotta be record breaking. We then tried out the slot machines where we continued to loose. Needless to say, not our finest moment. We danced to a few songs with my parents and ended the night early. Moral of the story, karaoke is always a good idea. I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to get away with standing on chairs and belting out Taylor Swift in public but for now, I’m owning it and having so much fun.


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