Friendship and Way Too Much Jack in the Box


This weekend was a weekend for seeing old friends, eating sushi, drinking vodka sodas, and laying by the pool. My very adorable, long time, french best friend was in town from U of A for her spring break. Her name is Alix and she is one of the best people I know. We met in eighth grade and I instantly fell in love with her and her french heritage (aka her moms breakfast crepes after our weekend sleepovers). We cried when we graduated middle school and were headed to separate high schools. Thankfully this didn’t change much for our relationship. We spent Friday-Sunday’s together and would get in fights with our moms when they told us we couldn’t have sleepovers on the week nights. We shared our first drunken night together, naturally this happened in our good friends basement while her parents were asleep. We snuck our parents keys when they were gone and would take their cars for joy rides around the block when we only had our permits. We got our licenses together, went car shopping together, and legally drove to scottsdale mall as often as possible. Now I find myself at dinner with her legally drinking a margarita talking about friendship, love, old times, and everything in between. I feel so lucky to have a person like Alix in my life and I know this friendship will continue to grow long after our college days are done. IMG_6974 IMG_7031 IMG_7032 Lets just say Friday night there was a few too many vodka sodas involved and if the “four tacos, curly fries, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, and oreo milkshake” order from jack in the box I came home with is any indication of my current relationship status…… you could say I’m still roaringly single. All those drinks stayed with me until about 1am the next day until my friend Macilin’s boyfriend surprised us with a hungry howies pizza. That’s true love. IMG_7014 Today I randomly ended up at the pool with seven of my close friends and about five bottles of champagne. These girls are so smart and some of the funniest people you might ever meet. They are the truest homies and I am very lucky to call them my friends. IMG_7021 I’m not sharing this to brag about my life right now but to recognize how lucky I am to have people who love me and accept me even when I spend $30 at jack in the box and eat it all myself.


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